About Us

Our Story

“The business of making memories and selling fun since 1998.”

Greg Alexander is a Native New Yorker and 10-year veteran of the United States Air Force.
Upon leaving the Air Force Greg worked in the World Trade Center as an Engineer for The Eastman Kodak Company.
In 1992, Greg moved to Atlanta and purchased Golden Glide Skating rink. Within 3 years, Golden Glide was both a profitable and award-winning skating rink serving thousands of guests.

Always looking for ways to improve things, in 1997, Greg designed the ultimate skating rink. In 1998, he purchased 4 acres of land on Martin Luther King Jr Drive and Interstate 285 and built the rink now known as Cascade Family Skating. Construction started in September 1999 and its doors were opened to the public in March 2000.

Within three months of opening, Cascade Family Skating (currently referred to as “Cascade”) became nationally known by hosting birthday parties and other events for artist including P-Diddy, Beyonce, Magic Johnson and others. It also became a popular location for shooting music videos. In 2006, Chris Robinson chose Cascade as the preferred site to film the movie “ATL”. Shortly after the film’s release, people from all over the world knew about Cascade. Visitors from as far as Europe and Asia came to experience the fun of Roller Skating at Cascade.

In 2014, Greg took on a new challenge of running and then purchasing what is now called Metro Fun Center, a one hundred and twenty thousand square foot multifaceted entertainment center. Metro Fun Center offers Bowling, Skating, InflataPark, 3-Story Inflatable Hippo Water Ride, Laser Tag, Arcade, Billiards, Restaurant, and Lounge.

Greg has been in business for over 28 years. He is currently the CEO of Cascade Skating, Metro Fun Center, and Bryan Lowe Orthopedic Hospital in Ghana West Africa.


Using Fun-Filled Activities to create Memories for all Members of the Family.

Core Values

To Honor GOD in everything we do.

To Exceed Guest Expectations.

To Provide Opportunities for Employees and Guest to Grow and Develop.

To Serve the Social, Recreational and Physical Fitness needs of our Guests.

To Grow Profitably.